As a writer, I'm supposed to keep it concise. But it's hard when it comes to Sonja and SJB LLC. Her talents and insights have truly transformed my small business, Owl & Pen, and helped take it to another level.

I rely on Sonja for exceptional content and design, website creation and maintenance, editing, research, and analytics, all of which are used to support clients. She has also been integral in onboarding and overseeing other freelancers we collaborate with.

Sonja sees the ways things are functioning and always looks for a clearer process. She's goal-oriented, excellent at evaluating metrics, and strong when it comes to building relationships with other professionals and clients.

I highly recommend her a s content creator and a stellar human. I'm so grateful for the role she has played in growing my business, and she will no doubt do the samefor yours. 

-Caroline Tremblay, Owner & Founder of Owl and Pen Writing